I am not angry nor avoiding you. 

I just know that sometimes we have to help ourselves before we come to you. 

You are always with me and I know the moment I call, you will able and ready to help. 

Your presence is clear and talking is open at any time. Right now, concerns are worldly and those answers are within me. 

So I ask that you be patient with me and allow me to discover my truths. But an outside perspective would greatly help. 

This is not part of my spiritual journey in the sense that my current confusion is physically and emotionally based. 

Although, those do directly lead to the spiritual. It is about the fact that I have awakened and now I can’t seem to put the genie back in the bottle. 

I may not even want to but the results of this may destroy everything I have been for so long. 

So for now, I know you are with me but ask that you patiently wait for me to call.