Never should it become a norm to leave the ones you adore.

Adoring is a special feeling that should be cherished among beings.

The Lion knows how special she can be.

Although he chooses to remain free.

Free of her love and passion which he can not fathom.

He returns to his goddess fair for those fleeting moments beyond compare.

She looks at him with her smile so bold as each time he kisses her she feels whole.

But knowing all along her Lion will depart.

She has to remain lost in her own heart.

She can not succumb to the drops of tears streaking her cheek and smearing her fears.

As long as he will not compete, she has to let him run and be free.

Love is not a wondrous thing.

It captures then entwines piercing a heart here and there.

Love is not meant to be cherished or spare.

It’s cruelty knows that there is someone to hurt.

It’s laughter at pain and separation will remain.

How to win the battle of love is give in and accept you merely pawn in its game.

Survival is all we have, give in and move through it to grow and be had.

We tell stories of our great loves at the end of our path.

These stories remain even after we move on from its wrath.