Today I regret it…but I know it must continue.

Yesterday, I mustered all my strength to say goodbye to you.

Your love is unhealthy, your attention divine, your inability to be truthful drives me to wine.

Wine is not my first choice but what choice do I have?

You cracked me open only to say you would feel me eternally.

The damage is done.

I can not be repaired.

All I can do is change again and move far from your lair.

Your grip, your words, your touch and your eyes.

They were all lies to get your fill of a fantasy divine.

I can no longer play a part in something so hurtful and painful not only to me but those who are unaware of your treachery.

Time will heal but scars will remain.

No amount of time will reset me.

I will not step back, I will move forward into the divine.

Where I can feel good and happy again.

Goodbye, for yesterday I changed.

Today I regret.

Tomorrow I will grow and walk tall again.