How do I know?

How will I accept.

When my smile dissipates, do I believe it can be regained?

Will he ever give me peace?

Peace to be in my place.

Peace to be where I belong?

What can I do, what can I say?

Will he ever give me the freedom to beam like a ray?

Does he love me enough to allow me my space?

Is it selfish to think apart is a way?

Betrayal is a thought construed by those who want.

Control is a fantasy it leads to misery.

Control brings hearts crashing down.

The impossible is simply the improbable but then again are we really meant to control another’s heart?

Fairness is an illusion that says we must love freely.

Freedom is never a possibility when we want a happy reality.

Fear drives the most sane to live in a world of pain.

How can we possibly live when all we do is kill?

Kill our hearts and love until it lays still.