The lion knows his desires are unfair.

He needs his goddess fair.

He wants his desires met with passion and flare.

Driving him to seek her and meet her no matter the consequence it bares.

He requires a moment, a night.

To feel her; devour her as she shimmers in moonlight.

He guides her through his might.

Sensing, grasping and then ravishing is how he exposes her delight.

Rediscovering and desiring her as he lives in her eyes.

She runs to him with lust.

Beckoning him to passions lair.

Desires are met and passions collide.

Kisses are deep and never subside.

The heat they generate expels passion’s rub.

Those around them can not help but feel their love.

Elders watch as the two combine.

Absent physical delight.

Matters not as their eyes and space tell the tale.

Two who need each other more than a breathe of air.