Beauty abounds in the heart when there is love.

Beauty begets adoration leading to emotions that are no less than painful.

Adoration rises like a plume of steam erupting when hot lava and oceans collide.

Beauty is found in anything we deem worthy of our eyes, thoughts, and dreams.

Before we take that beauty for granted we see its impact and love it’s embodied passion. 

Where beauty begins and where it ends is in the hands of those who one day dispair.

Dare to dream and dare to end. They know how beauty in its fragile state can flutter away and leave a soul bare.

Exposing us to her harshness. Beauty exists temporarily and rarely.

Those who chase her and want her, discover she escapes them in every way. Owning the fact that beauty will never stay. 

She brings euphoria and a longing delight. Only to remain in our memory and never fully in sight. 

Beauty is cruel she hypnotizes your heart. Makes you weak and then departs.