Is it that we love fear more than we love love?

Fear breeds a certain comfort. It is easy to spread and easy to explain.

Love not so.

Love breeds vulnerability.

Man or Woman does not define our path.

Our sex only nudges our predispositions to pursue things a certain way.

No matter the color of your skin or faith set, we all have the same basic needs.

Whether your goal is to have a life partner or not.

It means nothing unless you open yourself to the full experience.

Pain comes with it but so does a personal non measurable growth.

Allow the flow and exchange of all.

One day, maybe not today, it will all make sense.

Self acceptance, self love and unencumbered love of others is the half way point of the journey.

Patience, unattached love and acceptance are the beginning of the last phase of the journey.

In the end you may only have the love of self and others but your patience and acceptance will fill you with what you need.

Others will find that one true partner who completes them.

In the end our paths are all different.

Not defined as Men vs Women.