Before the lion took his goddess fair, there were a set of twins who loved her with care.

Love that had the goddess innocent believing in the fairy tale.

As time passed and fantasy faded away, love was not enough to beckon her to stay.

The twins grappled with demons and darkness sweeping all in their presence into pain and anguish.

For years the goddess fair loved and cared for the wounds they impaired.

Their once happy life was no longer shared.

Living in destitute darkness she learned.

Her fate was destined to go beyond their bait.

She woke slowly and soon her movement began.

She ran towards the light that warmed her heart and made her delight.

She began to remember…

Remember that life can be lived in light.

Remember that light is greater than plight.

With time those who loved and cared began to move out of the halls of hiding.

Speaking the truth that she always knew but was afraid to own.

Knowing now she could never return.

Her heart, her soul, her being were never to be owned.

She will continue her path of growth.

The goddess fair began to smile, live and love.

The heat she felt was more than any above.

With each passing day she grew her heart.

Her body and mind freed from the dark.

Never AGAIN!

Never AGAIN!

She knew it was over and smiled with her heart.