Once upon a goddess fair.

Lived a set of twins who sought her attention and did not spare.

They knew not of her existence.

But they sensed and dreamt of her possibilities.

They needed her touch, her look, and her extremities.

The twins convinced she could not exist.

Ended their search only to find her in their midst.

Upon their discovery they could not bear to let her leave their presence and care.

They knew how the search was long and often lost.

They knew that they would never again find one like her to love and lust.

Their love began as any would with adoring impressions of her and nothing withstood.

The twins where taken and their heart was hers.

Then began the insatiable lust of what could.

What could they hope for?

What could they dream?

It is nothing but the tale of how love turns to cruelty.

Hearts once soft and new now harder and darkened by pains construed.

Once upon a goddess fair, lived a woman and her twin lovers in their open affair.