Her version:


In a beautiful hotel suite on the 15th floor she prepares her body to be ravished by his. Wearing only a short red satin robe. It is loosely tied and in addition only bares three inch black heels on her soft feet. Her body is waxed completely smooth and moisturized with oils that have a scent of sexual intoxication. The tiny robe barely covering the areas that are most sensitive to breeze and touch. Red lips and long black lashes are all that cover her soft rosy face. Then comes a knock at the door. Her breath is startle away. She walks slowly to the door knowing that what is on the other side will change her completely.

The door opens slowly then quickly. Her breath increases her eyes slowly move up to see him. The sight, smell and heat from him take her breath and heart beat away. He moves in confidently and closes the door behind him. She can’t wait, pushing him against the door. Grabbing his tie when they both begin to passionately kiss away their cares. Her robe quickly falls off one shoulder then the next. Then completely to the floor. Naturally she begins to disrobe him all the while they continue to kiss with passion and heat that lips, tongues hands moving as if their actions were scripted and rehearsed to perfection. Not missing one movement or caress.

Now totally nude she guides him to the bath wear she starts the shower. Hot, hot shower. She has prepared a cup of ice outside the shower. She guides him inside. Kissing and caressing with hesitation and completely in sync with the movement of each other’s cuerpo.

With the heat of the shower and steam filling the room, they continue to grab each other in places that are oh so wonderful and forbidden. Her lips and tongue begin to work over his chest, twirling his chest hairs and nipples until he begins to feel powerful excitement that is bringing his member to attention. Her hands continue to caress his body at different times and with different tensions. Until she arrives on her knees. She opens her tender mouth to bath her lips, tongue and inner cheeks with the heat of the water. Then she proceeds to touch his member with her tongue slowly working around it and twirling it, bringing it deeper and deeper into her hot mouth. He is moaning, gasping and wanting more. His member disappears into her mouth where she massages then sucks proceeding to move his sacs into her already full but pleasured mouth. Her hands are now adding to the sensation caressing the shaft at times as it moves out and in. Then playing and massaging the perineum using her fingers. All the time moving him deeper and faster into her mouth. With the care of an expert she moves slowly to turn and swig ice from the cup she has strategically stored nearby. Repeating her action that brings all of him into her wet ice cold mouth, he moans with the thrill of the change and soon the moans and breaths become faster and more powerful. The heat then cold bring about an ecstasy. Followed by a scream and cum. She watches while she is working his pleasure. As his scream is let loose a shower of cum explodes into her mouth. Her eyes looking up at his pleasure as she swallows and smiles. She then kisses his member gently and begins to work her way up his chest kissing and mildly sucking him until she reaches a standing position and can lock lips in a tender yet heated kiss.

Now he gracefully but forcefully turns her and bends her over to take her and pleasure her from behind. The moans and breathes begin immediately, she is wet with excitement. Thrusting himself into her over and over as they both moan and gasp in delight. Resulting in her scream and release with the same profound pleasure.



His Version:

She is late to his house. He waits impatiently, leaving the front door unlocked for her. As she arrives she knows she is in trouble. He lays naked in bed having already started without her. She is pleasantly surprised to walk in and see his well lubricated left hand slowly stroking the thick shaft of his erect cock. She dares not break the silence. As she sees this her crotch becomes instantly wet and warm. She slowly disrobes before him while he watches. He licks his lips as her heavy full breasts are released from her patterned bra, she gently massages their undersides, which are chafed after a long day in their restraints. Continuing to watch him and as she leans against a wall and her hand begins to probe her wet moist cleft and the other caressing a a swollen and tender nipple. Her tongue continually licking her lips. He beckons with his free right hand for her to kneel on the bed to his right. His left hand never ceasing his slow massage of his erection. His right hand now begins to explore her now-soaked thighs and crotch. She gasps and trembles. One of her fingers gently exploring a birth mark on his hip. Then it meanders down to cup and stroke his balls. A finger lingers on his perineum, then joins his finger in her wetness to lubricate itself before gently penetrating his anus to stimulate his G spot. He returns the favor by wetting another finger in her throbbing folds, then using it to penetrate her own ass, while the first stays firmly engage in her hot wet pussy.

With two of his fingers inside her and one of hers in him she cums. Gently at first, then again with more force. A cascade of wetness soaks his hand as it works his fingers in and out of her.

The pressure she relentlessly continues on his prostrate, blocks the explosion of cum until after the surge of his orgasm passes. When she releases the warm white flow soaks his hips and thighs. She gratefully and quickly leans down to collect it in her eager mouth, swallowing some and saving some to share with him.

Anonymous Lover Retort