You get so excited about the thought of meeting. You speak words of seduction and beauty. Moments leading to our rendezvous. Makes it hard to believe you don’t mean your mood. But then the meet and our worlds collide. Chemistry is undeniable and our unique blend leaves us feeling sublime. A few more times and things are no less exciting. But one day your messages end and I see you disappear into memories. Months go by and I hear from you again. Wanting to begin only not discuss where you have been. It’s ok and I’m all right. You didn’t break me because we didn’t dwell for that much time. But my curiosity abounds. What crosses your mind? Is it simply I’m an object to quench your passions and pass time? Just be frank. I’ll treat you the same. Their will be no shame. But if you want more you will need to stay. See how we grow and how we might develop and gain. Gain a bond that may be more than either can imagine. Something that we dare to hope for. It is possible for that unique companionship. Only if we are both honest with ourselves. Knowing who we are and who we might become. 

Disappearing man, this message is for you. From all the women who know themselves and are secure.